• A mysterious alchemy of sound is being harnessed within the sanctity of the "Fantastic Musical Lab"! Ahh the beauty of sound!!!

    My name is Tim Swisher, I'm a musician/composer based out of Levittown, Pa. I mainly focus on Metal, Punk, Rock and occasionally Hybrid type Orchestral music which is Rock or Metal fused with Orchestral Strings!! I enjoy writing in multiple genres as it allows me to express the many facets of my personality, and I do have many! muhaha muhaha hahaa! :)

    In the 90's I was the lead singer/guitarist for the Philadelphia based metal band "Abolish". We self released an album that was distributed through Universal Music and were the first "unsigned" metal band in the area to receive weekly air play on 93.3 WMMR's "For Rocker Only show" (thanks to Ray Koob!). We appeared in rotation on 94WYSP's "Loud and Local" show and had a track placed on the first Loud and Local compilation CD. During my time in the band I had the honor of opening for such acts as Overkill, CrowBar, Morbid Angel, Fear Factory and even Iron Maiden (it was without Bruce, but yo it's still Maiden baby!)

    Nowadays I keep myself busy with a number of preojects! When I'm not writing instrumental music for music libraries I am working on; Eyes of the Living (Metal), Inside Your Frontal Lobe (Industrial Metal) or a Rock project I call "LiveLoveHate".

    My music can be found in the follwoing Music Libraries; Score Keepers Music, Music Blender, StashBox Music, Pump Audio, Crucial Music, Fat Sound Music LLC and Platinum Music. 

    I've done character voice over work and sound design for Megatouch LLC Counter Top system and iPhone apps.

    Credits include:

    • Monkey Bash - Intro Voice and Monkey Voice
    • Beer Pong and Beer Pong 21 - Parrot Voice and Pirate Voice
    • Card Pirates - Pirate Voice
    • Dodge Bull - Sound Design, Bull Voice, background music
    • Deflection - Intro, background level music and winner music
    • Fast Traxx - Intro and Radio Music
    • Quick Chess - Sound design and music.
    • Gender Bender -  Sound Design and music

     Be sure to check back frequently for updates and new information! 

    December 28, 2013

    2013 is almoat at an end! It has been an interetsing year for sure, many ups and downs, good events and not so good events, but hey a new year is on the rise and I hope it brings great things to not only myself but everyone I know!

    The "Eyes of the Living" project was put on hold in the 4th quarter of 2013 and will start back up in 2014. If things go smoothly the album "War on Dead" should be released early in 2014. I'm also hoping to be back out playing live this year in one project or another, got my fingers crossed! I've spent a bunch of time working on some new tracks for a few libraries, and also took a small break from commitments in general and just free flowed my thoughts and passions. Sometimes you need to just create for yourself, for the enjoyment... ;) 

    The latest BIG music news is that I've had music placed in 4 episodes of "Let's Make A Deal" on CBS this past year, which is a pretty big deal for me!

    Well that is it for now. I'd like to wish my friends and family and those who pass through my site a fantastic New Year filled with Good Health, Love and Prosper! Happy 2014 everyone!!!



    June 1, 2013

    Seems like a decade since I updated! ha haa. Well I've had a bunch more TV Placements, which is Killer!! I've been allocating pretty much all my spare time to the "Eyes of the Living" project. The stuff is moving along pretty well, a bit slower than I'd like, but none the less moving! We pushed out a complete track called "Survival" and it got featured on ToonTrack's Songwriters Jukebox for a week! that was AMAZING!!! It really is sounding killer, can't wait to have the project done and released for all to hear! I'm thinking about firing the furnace back up for Inside Your Frontal Lobe this fall/winter, see if I can push out some new tracks there as well.

    Keep you posted!!!


    October 16, 2012

    • Hey everyone! Can't beleive its October already!
    • Just found out that one of my songs was used on "That Metal Show"!! The Lemmy & Warrant episode 1005. This is just freaking killer to me!! Don't get me wrong, all placements mean a lot to me, there's nothing quite like hearing or knowing thousands if not possibly millions are being exposed to your music. but this placement means a lot to me becasue I'm a Metal Head at heart! 
    • The new Metal project "Eyes of the Living" is coming along great! can't wait to get this album out, it's gonna be kick ass!!
    • Also have had placements on Toddlers and Tiara's, Auction Kings and an MTV show called Challenge Battle of the  Exes. 


    June 10, 2012

    • Got one track placed in Syfy “25 Wildest Homebrewed Superheroes” episode 101 and three tracks placed in Syfy “25 Wildest Homebrewed Superheroes” episode 103.
    • Just found out that I've had a few placements on an MTV show called "10 on Top", pretty sweet!
    • Got a track placed in "Death In Paradise -THR Special (E! Network)"
    • Waiting to here back on whether or not my track "Eat the Nine" will be used in a B movie! keeping my fingers crossed!!
    • Been writing a bunch of exclusive tracks for Score Keepers Music!
    • The BIG project going on right now is a new Metal project I'm working on with a few friends, we're calling it "Eyes of the Living" the stuff is coming together nicely, it's gonna KICK ASS!!  Come like the Facebook Page and checkout some of the video content showcasing some of the tracks and work in progress! facebook.com/eyesoftheliving


    JANUARY 1, 2012

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Wow 2012 can you believe it, amazing! 

    I had a few more placements on E! Entertainment (Thanks Peter!!)

    • 3 tracks on the E! special "E! Fascinating Celebrity Weddings".
    • A 33 second placement on "E! Breakups & Rebounds". For those who don't know 33 seconds is pretty sweet in TV land placement!
    • a track placed in the "E! Hot List - World's Sexiest Bodies" show.  

    October 27, 2011

    Looks like I'm gonna have a few tracks in a new show on E! Entertainment. The show is called HOT LIST and the episode is Sexy Supernaturals (episode 3). I'm not sure when it's gonna air, but i look forward to the thrill of hearing my music on TV!  

    September 6, 2011

    Well season 1 is over :( but what an excellent start for a GREAT new show that was FUN and ENTERTAINING! I can only hope G4 decides to do another season or two, I think the fans would love to see more creative craziness!!! 

    I'd like to thank Eric Hester and his taste in music :) This was a dream come true for me, the first TV show to use my music! I can only hope this is just the beginning of more great things to come!!

    Make sure you catch reruns of "PROVING GROUND" currently airing on the G4 Network.

    • Episode 1 (Mario Kart), features 2 tracks!
    • Episode 2 (Gadgets from "The Goonies"), features 1 track!
    • Episode 3 ("Star Trek" away-team mission), features 4 tracks!
    • Episode 4 (Replicating a Quidditch game from "Harry Potter"), features 3 tracks!
    • Episode 5 (real-life version of "Mortal Kombat"), features 5 tracks!
    • Episode 6 ("Spiderman"), features 1 track!
    • Episode 7 (using "the FORCE" for real), features 1 track!
    • Episode 8 ("Angry Birds"), features 2 tracks!
    • Episode 9 ("Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse"), features 3 tracks!

    The first season was 9 kick ass episodes! I'm assuming the future of the show will be pending G4's decision to replace Ryan Dunn after his and Zachary Hartwell's untimely passing in a car accident that occurred on June 20, 2011.

     PROVING GROUND : Ryan Dunn (MTV's Jackass) and Video Game Vixen Jessica Chobot set out to see if some of the most memorable scenes from video games, comics, and movies can be replicated in the real world.

    On G4, Tuesday nights at 8PM ET/PR

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